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in the case of  对于。。。而言

retain 保留

to the best of our knowledge 据我们所知

leverage,takes advantage of ,make best use of 充分利用

we are typically forced to use…  我们通常被迫使用

Traversal 遍历

in more pragmatic terms 用更实际的话

inserted as a plug-and-play module into  作为即插即用的模块插入到

intra-class commonality与 inter-class uniqueness
inter:不同类之间  intra:同一类内部各部分之间。

in few-shot learning the two sets are exclusive 不同的

whilst 同时,而

In a nutshell 简而言之

alleviate this issue 缓解/解决这个问题

A important distinction to make is  一个重要的区别就是

hierarchy 层次 层级

We demonstrate the effectiveness of our 我们证明了我们的有效性

Our work goes beyond this by also…  我们的工作还超越了

looks to the query to determine… 查询query集来确定

most pertain to the task… 与任务最相关

As illustrated in Fig 如图所示

In practice 在实践中

we modify them to use our CTM as follows 如下所示

The contributions of this work are as follows:

The main contribution of this work is threefold:

a handful of labeled exemplars   几个 不多,极少数   模式,形式

FSL paradigm 模式

it is by no means trivial to。。。 这绝不是小事

To tackle this issue  为了解决这个问题

undergo 经历,通过

derive 导出,推出

critical obstacle 主要(关键)障碍

by two means 通过两种方式

extrapolate 预测,推测,推断

in an implicit way 以隐含的方式

In order to compensate for the scarcity of: 为了弥补。。。稀缺

in a unified way  以统一的方式

in a more principled way  以更合理的方式

give/provide as input to the GNN …  模型。。作为输入

prescribes to 按照/规定

promising solutions 有前途的解决方法

off-the-shelf 现成的

i.e.  即

As such 因此

It is not straightforward to  这并不容易

prone to 倾向于

on the fly 已经有现成的,直接拿来用。随手,直接做。

Hereafter 此后,随后

auxiliary 辅助的

alleviate over-fitting  缓和过拟合

an feed-forward manner 前馈方式

intermediate 中间的

Concretely ,To be concrete 具体来说

properties 性质

degenerate into 公式退化成

diverse hypothesis 许多假设(在。。。框架下,许多假设被提出Under the framework of meta-learning, a diverse hypothesis was made to build an efficient meta-learner)

substantial distribution relations  重要的

devise 设计,发明,提出

uni-modal 单模态

only a handful of existing works 只有少数现有的工作

there has been a recent resurgence of research interest in xxxx  再起

a linear classifier coupled with a deep feature extractor 耦合

two types of strategy resort to model the data distribution of novel category  采取,用来

the wrongly labeled instances may jeopardize the performance of the classifier  危害

To this end,In this pursuit  为此,因此

amend 修正

mimic a complete distribution 模拟完整分布

reawakened the research interest on 重新唤醒对。。。的兴趣

prominent objects 显著目标(数量多)rare instances

effortlessly 不费力,轻而易举

prevailing 流行的

per se 拉丁语,等于itself,要斜体

large-scale vision-language corpus 语料库

Ther is a trend towards A from B  有一种从B到A的趋势

we refer to XXXXnet as XXXX 我们把这种称为。。。

XXXX is sufficed xxxx已经足够了

Recent advances have leveraged different objective functions for xxx 最新进展利用了xxx 来 xxx








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